The Wailers Perform “Survival” LIVE at the Historic Ashland Armory

Just about a week ago, I trekked out to catch The Wailers performing live down in Ashland, Oregon, at the Historic Ashland Armory. Alcyon Massive opened up the evening with a beautiful acoustic set and even brought a few good friends to the stage to help him out: Ras Cricket, Cornflower, Sequoyah Oregon, and Steven Ujjayi.

Unfortunately, I arrived a little late…just as Alcyon Massive performed his last couple of songs. However, what I saw upon arrival was a huge, happy, and positively IRIE house full of my Southern Oregon Reggae Family…which made me smile from ear to ear!!! The room was filled with big vibes bursting with love…and it was then that I knew The Wailers were going to get everyone on their dancing feet…all night…fa REAL!!!

For their first set, The Wailers performed the entire Bob Marley & The Wailers album “Survival”. I do believe people thought the show was over when they walked off stage after the last song on the album…but, to many a smile, The Wailers returned to the stage and started their second set with an acoustic medley featuring “Redemption Song”.

From there, the vibes just kept going up, and up, and UP!!! I remember feeling like I was actually at a Bob Marley show…I knew all the words to all the songs and I felt his presence so severely that it made me shiver with warmth at least a few times. Songs like “Three Little Birds”, “Could You Be Loved”, and “Exodus” gave the masses something to really grab on to and hold close to their hearts.

The band was super tight, the lead singer sounded a lot like Bob, and Family Man boomed out legendary bass line after legendary bass line SOLID the whole evening…until “Exodus” started that is…where he took over the keyboards and handed his bass to his son, Aston Barrett, Jr…showing the masses exactly what being a “Family Man” is all about.

I n I FULLjoyed the entire evening and captured a few shots I really like…and hope you like too!!! Check the entire gallery out here: The Wailers Live at the Asland Armory

BIG Thanks to JMAX Productions for having me out and for continually bringing World Class Artists to Oregon!!!!

Sincerely Sending More Love, More Strength, and Massive Respect!!!

Joe McLaren

Rogue Agent PhotoAston "Family Man" Barrett

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