Mista Chief ~ “Nation2Nation” Unification

Mista ChiefClimbing his way ever further up the mountain of life, Mista Chief (aka Nah-ko Bearchum,) is on a mission to spread his knowledge of love and unity as one tribe to help bridge all cultures through his positive Hip-Hop infused Reggae Music.

Mista Chief recently released his first full length album entitled “Nation2NationMista Chieffeaturing collaborations with many artists such as Abstract Rude, Evton B, Marko, Romulus MC, and many more. It’s a mix of Dancehall, Hip-Hop, and Reggae Riddims that are designed to get you up on your dancing feet with pride while representing unification throughout the nations.

With high vibes of sweet sound, standout tracks on the album for me included “Guess Who”, “Apocalypto”, “Showdown”, “The Reason”, “HighGrade”, “Unite 2getha”, and the title track “Nation2Nation”. Mista Chief’s crisp and smooth lyrical styling puts you deep in the zone while the conscious lyrics, big bass, and tight beats make you want to shake your money maker.

Rogue Agent Photo went out on a photo shoot with Mista Chief a couple weeks ago and came back with some very captivating and powerful images. I am more than happy to be able to share some of these photos with you in the photo gallery found on my website HERE.

I want to send a Big Up with a Bless Up straight out to Mista Chief SONY DSCfor continually being someone that local Reggae Music Fans can look up to for guidance in these tough times and for always staying loyal to the Southern Oregon Reggae Family our region has continued to grow. One Heart, One Aim, One Destiny…One Love!!!


More Strength, Nuff Love, and Massive Respect!!!!

Joe McLaren

Rogue Agent Photo

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