Good Morning, Y’all!! CHECK IT OUT—> ★ ★ CONTEST TIME ★ ★!!!
To all that are still on the fence or have not bought your tickets yet for this Thursday night’s BIG SHOW with The Wailers & Alcyon Massive at The Historic Ashland Armory (on 1/31/13,) HERE’S YOUR CHANCE TO WIN A FREE PAIR OF TICKETS to the show!!! All you have to do is visit the JMax Productions Facebook Page and follow the instructions below, cross your fingers, send out di POSITIVE vibes, and you just might end up being that lucky person!!!!
—> Change your profile picture to the Wailers flyer and leave JMax Productions a comment as to why they should pick you. They will pick a winner Wednesday at noon. Good luck! <— Simple enough…riiiiite??? BOOM wailers

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