Paula Fuga, Mike Love, Sam Ites: Island Vibes In The NW

Mike Love, Paula Fuga, & Sam Ites Performing at the Provolt Community Center on 4/19/13The 420 weekend came and went in 2013, but before it did Midnite, Paula Fuga, Mike Love, and Sam Ites performed beautiful and enchanting live music on 4/19/13 at the Provolt Community Center, out in Provolt, OR. It was a warm day and a perfect night. The fire was blazing, the people were amazing, and the vibes were through the roof!

BIG THANKS & LOVE straight out to Juliette Mountain of Roots Family Productions for always having Rogue Agent Photo as part of the team and for continually bringing World Class Musicians to Southern Oregon!!!

Rogue Agent Photo headed out to the show with some good friends in tow: Tyler Ross (one of the biggest Midnite fans I have the pleasure of knowing,) and Evton B Indubious (vocalist and keyboardist for Indubious.) We tried to get there before Paula & The Boys started their set, but we lagged a bit and showed up about 30 minutes into their performance.

As soon as I walked in the door, those exotic aloha vibes hit me straight in the heart. MyPaula Fuga eyes began to swell, my head began to swoon, and my body began to move to the light warm breeze of music that emitted from the stage. Making my way further in, Paula spied me, threw me a hang loose sign, and silently said “Hi Joe!” I just about melted…

If you’ve never seen the Paula Fuga & Mike Love Trio, you need to get on it. SOON! Seriously though, have you seen Mike Love‘s pedal board? Holy Guacamole it’s huge and has all kinds of cool gadgets strapped to it. It reminds me of a miniature playground made only for guitarists. Mike Love’s guitar work is beyond phenomenal and truly builds, bridges, and Mike Loveguides this trio though majestic hills and valleys. Mike’s ability to work his axe with such technical finesse while at the same time projecting harmonious and meaningful vocals is way up on a higher level of musicianship that is not seen very often these days.

Strumming the ukelele like she’s been doing it since she was two years old, Paula Fuga‘s musical contribution to the Reggae Music community is very strong. Paula has a voice thatPaula Fuga fills your heart up with real love. The distinct island nuances in her soothing vocals show the true heartical passion she enjoys. If you’ve ever pictured that perfect Hawaiian Island vacation scene in your head that you would like to get to someday, the music that would be playing in the background would be Paula Fuga, Mike Love, & Sam Ites.

Sam Ites‘ sharp and subtle percussion keeps the time running tight while splashing the musical presentation with beats to keep your feet on the dancing tip. It’s almost like science, watching Sam Itesthese three beautiful souls making music together. Truly an experience I encourage you all to see for yourself SOON COME: at Reggae On The River 2013.

The Paula Fuga & Mike Love Trio will be performing at French’s Camp in Piercy, California, at Reggae On The River 2013. Rogue Agent Photo will be there with a huge smile on my face, capturing all the moments of this highly anticipated homecoming event. After many years, the Mateel Community Center has been given the permits to move ROTR back to its original birthplace, and the worldwide Reggae Family couldn’t be happier about it!! ROTR 2013 will sell out for sure, so get your tickets HERE TODAY!!!

Until then, keep checking back at for Music News Updates, Photos, Reviews, and take a peak at the images I captured of Paula, Mike, and Sam on 4/19/13 in Southern Oregon in my photo galleries section HERE.

Sincerely Looking Forward to Seeing YOU at the Next Show,

Joe McLaren

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