The Reggae Bubblers: Live & Direct In The NW

The Reggae BubblersSpeaking of 100% VI Roots Reggae, a few weeks back I ventured down to Ashland, OR, to capture The Reggae Bubblers Live & Direct all the way from St. Croix, Virgin Islands! These energetic and focused artists performed a captivating set at the Jackson Wellsprings on 3/21/13.Frankie Hernandez at Britt Festivals

Local favorite Frankie Hernandez opened the night with a blazing acoustic set that had me smiling from ear to ear. It was a cold night, but we held tight, and Frankie kept up the fight! Frankie just recently released a live album from his live performance at the Britt Festival last summer, opening up for Reggae Superstar Ziggy Marley. Check out his cd “I Live Here” when you get a chance. There’s some fantastic tunes on there for sure!

The Reggae Bubblers with Mystic LionMy good friend and generous sponsor of Rogue Agent Photo, Mystic Lion (aka Lawrence Hanson,) cruised all the way up from Humboldt County, CA, to see the show. Mystic Lion brought with him an absolutely beautiful piece of artwork he made for The Reggae Bubblers that he crafted up from the corners of his mind. It was definitely a great night with some excellent people.

Cheech WarnerThe Reggae Bubblers’ performance reminded me first and foremost of Passion. Cheech, Hayba, and the rest of the band are clearly on a mission of Love, Unity, and Respect. The vibes that shone from the music in the air was nothing short of completely Irie!

Upbeat roots riddims with solid reggae beats and melodious vocals, The Reggae Bubblers played a full set with vigor. Unfortunately, it was a little bit colder out that night than the band was expecting and Jackson Wellsprings is kind of an outdoor venue. The set got cut short and it was announced The Reggae Bubblers would be performing another set down the road at a relatively new venue in town, Club 66.

We all packed up and headed down there. Mystic Lion and I got to hanging the artwork he Hayba Warnerhad brought with him right away at Club 66. I really wanted to get a shot of the boys and him in front of it together, and there just wasn’t any place to hang it at the Wellsprings.

Long story even longer, after some members of the band were harassed by local law enforcement for being Rasta outside Club 66, The Reggae Bubblers performed another lively set.

Check out the rest of the images from this night HERE.

I had a really good time out with my Reggae Family and appreciate each and every one of you that continually prove you support this important movement called Reggae Music. You talk the talk, you walk the walk, and I am proud to call you all my Family. Respect!!!

Rogue Agent Photo will see you all at Midnite with Paula Fuga, Mike Love, and Sam Ites in Provolt, OR, in TWO DAYS!!!!

Much Love: ALL WAYS!!!

Joe McLaren

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