Midnite: NW Spring Run 2013

Vaughn Benjamin of Midnite Performing at the Provolt Community Center on 4/19/12♥ In exactly three days, on 4/19/13, one of my favorite Roots Reggae bands will be performing out in the woods of Southern Oregon at the Provolt Community Center in Provolt, OR!!! ♥

Ron Benjamin of Midnite Performing at the Provolt Community Center on 4/19/12Midnite will be visiting the Pacific Northwest with 4 stops starting on 4/18/13 in Arcata, CA, and ending in Seattle, WA, on 4/21/13. In addition to these shows and the Provolt show on the 19th, Midnite will also be performing in Portland, OR, on 4/20/13.

The first time I witnessed a Midnite offering was at the 2011 Northwest World Reggae Festival. Edwin Byron of Midnite Performing at the Provolt Community Center on 4/19/12What I experienced that night was surreal but fa real at the same time. Vaughn, Ron, and the rest of their band had taken the essence, the fundamental ritual, the soul of the islands, and had put it on display for the NWWRF Massive to consume. Their performance was beyond reggae, it was beyond roots, it was far beyond any musical realm I had yet traveled.

During this life changing moment, Midnite opened a new door in my mind in which I voyaged to their home and was invited inside. It was there I was shown the message they Christian  Molina of Midnite Performing at the Provolt Community Center on 4/19/12have been trying to get across to the masses from the very beginning: Time really does begin at Midnite…

As I delve deeper into Midnite’s music, I find myself often researching the stories, lyrics, and wisdom of which Vaughn Benjamin sings and chants. This ends up leading me back to the images I have captured of Midnite over the years, making me want to re-edit them with this new found knowledge of their work. You can find more high quality images of Midnite in the galleries on my website HERE and HERE.

On 4/19/13, out at the Provolt Community Center in Provolt, Oregon, Roots Family Productions presents an intimate evening not only with Midnite, but with another trueMike Love & Paula Fuga Performing at the 2012 Northwest World Reggae Festival gem of the industry: Paula Fuga, Mike Love, and Sam Ites!!! These fantastic loving souls project music that makes your heart melt.

Seriously though…I n I had never witnessed this ONEderful trio in person until last summer at the 2012 NWWRF. About 30 seconds into their first song, tears of joy filled my eyes, warmth filled my heart, and respect filled my mind. These beautiful artists are more than passionate, more than Mike Love Performing at the 2012 Northwest World Reggae Festivalprofessional, and so full of “The Real” that it makes Rogue Agent Photo VERY happy to be able to capture them in the act again while dancing to their sweet, sweet music with all of the Southern Oregon Reggae Family all around.

Rogue Agent Photo is super stoked about this upcoming event and hopes everyone out there comes out in full force to SUPPORT LIVE REGGAE MUSIC IN OREGON!!!!

♥ ♥ ♥ Blessed Love to all Y’all…fa REAL!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥                                  ♥ ♥ BOOM ♥ ♥Vaughn Benjamin Performing at the Provolt Communty Center on 4/19/12




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