Tuff Lion, Alcyon Massive, & The Escort Service: Live At The Applegate Lodge

Tuff LionSome of the biggest inspirations in life come from conversations with good people…

On April 24th, 2013, I drove out to the heart of the Applegate valley to catch Tuff Lion, Alcyon Massive, & The Escort Service‘s performance at the Applegate Lodge. I give thanks to these beautiful souls for hiring me out and for providing the Southern Oregon Reggae Massive with an evening full of upful livity!

It was still light out as I made my way to the show, I wanted to get there early to try and Sget a group shot of the boys while the sun was still up. As I rolled in the lot, I spied Scottie One Drop and Alcyon Massive heading out and about. I slowed up, rolled down the window, and said “I even made it before the sun went down!” They both smiled, laughed, and told me they would be back in just a few minutes.

I continued on in, parked my rig, and got out to check out the scene. Never had I been to the Applegate Lodge when there was still light out to see, so I made my way around the grounds to look for picturesque spots for the group shot.

It really is beautiful out there, with the trees and the river. Definitely a quiet and elegant spot to stay while in the Rogue valley. As I stumbled around, I came upon two of my favorite people: Tuff Lion & Juliette Mountain! Tuffy and I paused while Juliette took Sa photo of us. I told them that I couldn’t wait for the evening’s festivities to start and that it had been too long since I had gotten a chance to see Tuff Lion live & in the act. As more and more people started to show up, the light began to fade away, and it was time for some music.

Alcyon Massive opened the evening with some powerful energy. The room was packed as I crept around, trying to capture those special moments. Alcyon was really feeling the love that consumed the air that night. He even brought his son up to perform some wicked sax solos and intense guitar work, which was a pleasure to watch. I could see the love so clearly between the two…it was beautiful. SAfter an hour or so, Alcyon concluded his set and informed the dancing patrons that Tuff Lion would be coming up next.

There was about a 20 minute interval while we all waited for Tuffy to perform. Most peeps either headed over to the bar, or out to the patio for some fresh air. I sat down at a table of friends, shooting the breeze about everything from the upcoming summer festivals to the new music offerings made available to the world from some of our Southern Oregon Family of Artists.

When Tuff Lion took the stage a wee bit later, huge vibes began to overwhelm me. He started the set with “Stream Of Consciousness” which is one of my all time favorite Tuffy tracks. The intensity, the SONY DSCrealism, the message…it was all there…and I soaked up as much of it as I could while trying to capture the essence of how this Roots Reggae music was making me feel: Irie!!!

Tuff Lion & The Escort Service (which included an All-Star Cast of Players this time around: Stevie Culture on Keys, Vince Black on Guitar, Scottie One Drop on Drums, and Kenny on Bass,) gave us a nice long set of captivating music. Everyone in the room was “feeling it” in a huge way and I noticed that I couldn’t stop smiling.

After the show was over, I headed back out to the patio for some good conversations with some good friends. Tuff Lion, Bill DeWitt, and myself sat down for a long talk that ended with me being filled with appreciation, love, thankfulness, and respect.

You see, this man, the one dem a call “Tuff Lion” is an inspiration to many, including Smyself. He projects humbleness, wisdom, thankfulness, sympathy, encouragement, realism, and unity. Tuff Lion’s words are from the heart and the soul. He’s my friend, my teacher, and my brother. I feel very fortunate to know Tuffy on a personal level and look forward to the future heights we both will accomplish.

Please peep the images I captured from this night in the Photo Galleries section of my website HERE.

Alcyon Massive, Tuff Lion, & The Escort Service are all performing TONIGHT (5/03/13,) down in ASHLAND, OR, at CLUB 66.

Rogue Agent Photo highly encourages you all to go to the show and check out these TOP NOTCH ARTISTS!! I n I hope to SEE YOU ALL THERE!!!

With Much Love, More Strength, and Massive Respect,

Joe McLaren

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