Indubious Wakes The Lion – Album Review

Skip Wicked, Matty T, Gaudi, & Evton B In The Blue Lotus Studio While Producing "Wake The Lion"

Skip Wicked, Matty T, Gaudi, & Evton B In The Blue Lotus Studio While Producing “Wake The Lion”

The latest full length studio album “Wake The Lion” from Indubious and produced by Gaudi is definitely not something to be taken lightly. As the title track’s words “Gather up your vibes, Change your life, Wake the lion” strike a beautiful chord within the heart, the listener’s mind opens, the skin tingles, and life seems to feel brighter.

Evton B Spreading The Love At Cali Roots 2013

Evton B Spreading The Love At Cali Roots 2013

You see, these three caring individuals have embedded their hearts, minds, and love within a musical journey of unity. When you let yourself fully immerse within their art, time and space realigns. As the music continues to transport you higher, and higher, and higher, remember what you learn while you are up there. Ask the right questions, listen closely to find your answers, and don’t ever give up.

The music contained on “Wake The Lion” severely pushes the envelope by crossing old school with new school, all in a rub-a-dub style. The danceable, intoxicating, and irie reggae riddims coalesce with hybrid electronic funk rock dub elements to form a unique and compelling sound. This is Indubious’ third LP and it’s set for worldwide release on September 24th, 2013. Go buy it up on Amazon, Bandcamp, or iTunes.

Wake The Lion - Out September 24th, 2013

“Wake The Lion” – Out September 24th, 2013

Every track on the album is outstanding, but my personal favorites are:

“Seventh Generation” – Starting off the album with a blast of rootsy horns that leads you right into a deep bass line straight from the dancehall, the high vibes are overwhelming and spill all over the place. Energetic and passionate the whole way through, this tune really comes to life with conscious vocal hooks that you can’t help but start singing along to! You can check out their new music video for this single HERE.

“Wake The Lion” – The album title track is worth its weight in red, gold, and green! Immediately my head starting bobbing, my legs started pumping, and my mind started reeling with goodness. Another solid reggae offering with a dip into the dub step side of things, this track is going to be rocking clubs like crazy!

Indubious Opening The Main Stage For Ziggy Marley  At Britt Festivals 2013

Indubious Opening The Main Stage For Ziggy Marley
At Britt Festivals 2013

“Sledgehammer” – Originally a Peter Gabriel song that made headlines partially for the unique clay-mation style video that went along with it, Indubious really spiced this cover up! It sounds so much like the original, yet so different. I have to wonder… did these Intergalactic Rootstronica Revolutionaries abduct Peter Gabriel, fly him out of this world, make him confess the mysteries of the universe, and then warped back to Earth just to record this classic remake?

“Ask Me” – This is my favorite track off the album. Not only is the message a really good one, the musical composition is phenomenal. Indubious takes a riff, bends it backward, reels it around, and plants it up in a circular motion that can only be described as wicked. I sing along and dance to this one like there’s no tomorrow!

Indubious Performing at the Beginning of the World Party 2013 on New Year's Eve, 2012

Indubious Performing at the Beginning of the World Party 2013 on New Year’s Eve, 2012

“Proposition” – I’ve heard this song performed live many times, and always loved it. It’s got a sound that moves you, lyrics that groove you, and fire that burns bright. I really feel the words offered on this track by Indubious, but also think this could be an awesome “riddim” for featured lyricists to spit on. Big sound, huge heart, and unity… it’s all here!

“Babylon No Bless” – The final cut, and one of the most poignant. It’s a crazy world out there and sometimes you have to slow down, look into yourself, and figure out how you can help make this universe a better place. In case you are unaware, “Babylon” is Western Civilization as we know it. It is a wicked place that is ruled by a broken and corrupt system… and it’s up to us to change that!

Evton B Feelin' Irie At NWWRF 2012

Evton B Feelin’ Irie At NWWRF 2012

Love, Unity, Compassion, Understanding, Forgiveness, Thankfulness, Respect: it’s what our world needs to continue on this journey. Take the time to smell the roses, take the time to listen to the music, take the time to love yourself and your fellow beings. We’re all here together for a reason, every step of the way. Don’t ever forget that!

Just ask Indubious… they will teach you all about it!!!


Joe McLaren

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Indubians: We Really ARE All One!!!

Indubians: We Really ARE All One!!!



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