NWWRF 2013: Final Lineup Announced

H.I.M. - NWWRF 2012Last night, The Northwest World Reggae Festival announced their FINAL LINEUP for the 2013 event at Bob’s Ranch on July 26, 27, & 28 in Marcola, Oregon:

NWWR 2013 Final LineupThird World, Prezident Brown, Etana, Nkulee Dube, Kabaka Pyramid, Raging Fyah, Perfect Giddimani, Jahdan Blakkamoore, Empress Meditations with the Fyah Squad Band, African Foundation Crew featuring Paapa Wastik, Black I, Jah-Thunda Wisdom, & Ruffa One, Soulmedic with The Escort Service, Synrgy, Sol SeedDe Solution, The Highlife Band, Madgesdiq, The Herbal Crew and many more.

Every act on the bill has been confirmed to give outstanding performances to the masses on a beautiful piece of private land in the middle of a beautiful old growth forest. Rogue Agent Photo is the Staff Photographer for NWWRF 2013 and is more than looking forward to seeing the entire Worldwide Reggae Fam Bam there!!!

Check out the story below for a little background on Rogue Agent Photo & the Northwest World Reggae Festival:

It was Sunday afternoon. I was sitting on the left side of backstage, hanging out with FrankJunior Reid - NWWRF 2006 and the video crew. Junior Reid was performing a SICK set and as I looked around the scene, I noticed something:

Love, Respect, and Family.

I could see families, not just attendees’ families, but performers’ families as well. They were dirty, they were tired, they were hot, but they were happy, positive, and excited to be there. I realized that for many of them, traveling from Jamaica or wherever they came from and going from show to show is their only livelihood. This is the way they provide for their families and their families’ families. This is the way they get their children a proper education, this is the way they live their life: On A Quest To Save Babylon.

I decided right then and there that I had to help their cause, help promote them, help make them money, help in any way I could….because it is the only path to positivity and Dub Cowboy In Di Mix - NWWRF 2006oneness I have found in this crazy world of ours…

This realization profoundly impacted my perception of Reggae music as a whole. I had always been a Reggae fan, loved the music, and positive lyrics, but I had no idea the level of livication and family love that goes into it all.

It was only because of Northwest World Reggae Festival 2006 that I made this realization. I am eternally grateful to NWWRF, the Artists, and DJ Dub Cowboy for having me as part of the team to experience this life changing event.

For what seemed like eons, I had lost my music family because Jerry Garcia died…yes, I am an old school Deadhead. However, attending NWWRF 2006 brought me back home, toNWWRF 2006 - Herb Man the music family I had lost, to the connection that I was missing, and it helped this wandering soul find his way back to what really matters most of all in life: Love, Happiness, and Respect.

BIG UP NORTHWEST WORLD REGGAE FESTIVAL ~ Looking forward to another great show this year!!!! ♥ BOOM


Joe McLaren
Rogue Agent PhotoNWWRF LION


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